Key Elements That Influence Your Brand Identity

Funding for this program was provided in part by a grant from the POISE Foundation.

Shawna Solomon, Shawna Solomon & Associates

Founder of Shawna Solomon & Associates, a boutique image firm, empowers female entrepreneurs to create a clear and powerful brand image to increase credibility and revenue to become financially independent. Shawna also trains business owners who are just getting started or in the process of shifting their retail business to achieve its maximum growth and financial stability. Empowering entrepreneurs to be successful is my passion.

Tanya Bashor, Founder & CEO of Impart Clarity LLC

Tanya provides education and coaching to individuals affected by trauma, especially caused by narcissistic abuse. She offers a free Facebook community, podcast, educational blog, several different coaching programs, and transformative and immersive retreats. Tanya’sdesire is to provide practical help and hope to those who find themselves in abusive relationships.